Why Some Businesses Still Don’t Have Websites

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Half of small to medium businesses still don’t have websites even when they see that people are beginning to embrace technology and spend most of their transactions online. Why?

Small Business Website Development | Why Small Businesses Still Don't Have WebsitesAround 40% of these businesses who do not own websites take pride in saying their business “doesn’t really need a website.” This is more like brushing off the idea, not a reasonable justification.

Just because things seem ok now doesn’t mean everything is fine. That’s like driving on the highway when there are no visible cars and think that pulling out your smartphone to forward that text message you’ve been dying to send is a good idea. “So far, so good.”

This is how most businesses end their course: they fail to see the need to adapt in order to survive until it’s too late.

One of the most common reasons why that is the case is because decent, high-quality websites are not easily affordable. When a website is set up, it doesn’t end there. Maintaining a small business website isn’t a walk in the park. It takes a reasonable amount of time setting it up and getting used to. Of course, there are those annoying bugs, too.

So, how do we solve it?

Small to medium enterprise businesses without websites say they won’t need a website. What they really mean, however, is that they don’t want it enough. There’s a fine line between need and want and the set point at which the want begins to outweigh the actual need of having it.

Small Business Website Development | Buy Now. Pay Later | Winnovate Digital MarketingIf these business-owners can have a fully-functional website that’s maintenance-free, at no cost, no pain and absolutely no wasted time and effort, I’m certain they would not hesitate in considering setting themselves up. Of course, in the real world, this doesn’t exist (yet) but that is not the point. Plain and simple, the point is that if it were affordable enough, they would definitely want one.

We have set up payment schemes to address this issue. Priced at P1,200 per month for 11 months (P2,500 on the first month), the time when “only high-end businesses and companies are the only ones who can afford a beautiful small business website” is finally over.

*While we’d love to give everyone this big of a discount, these discount credits only apply (at this point) to businesses/personalities/organizations within CAR and Region I. Sign up, leave us a message and become one of our trusted partners*

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